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F1 2020 Modding Driver Name signs above garage in pitlane

F1 2020 The Game (Codemasters)
Hi, does anybody know how the driver name signs above the garage can be modded? I reckon that they are somehow created from within the game and are not static textures.

What I want to achieve is the following: I want to drive with number 6 so I exchanged the car driver numbers 6 to 66, and 66 to 6 for mclaren (that's where I drive) and Williams (so Latifi will drive with 66). Now of course in the UI Menu I still have the number 66 but that doesn't bother me that much (if someone knows how to change that, I am glad to hear though).

On the driver name sign above the garage there is of course also "66 | My Name" and I would like to just change this number to 6. I checked in the files of the tracks and I could find the team badge which is placed between my name and my teammates name. But the numbers I can't find anywhere, so because the Name is of course created dynamically from my input in the menu, i was thinking the numbers too.

Does anyone know how I could change the number? Thanks.


Modular Mods Creator
So, you changed textures but the game still has the same numbers' table. And those numbers are in the database, language file and maybe some other protected area.
So, don't bother thinking about it.
Thanks. No I changed the numbers in the car file and they show up on the car perfectly. But the driver sign above the garage in pitlane is different. It shows your head, name and number with white text on black background. I was just thinking because my name is of course an input that I as a player input at the beginning of the career start so this can’t be a Standard texture but must be coming from an entry in a data base. But I don’t know about the number. I just can’t find it.