Modded tracks will take advantage of gsc code?


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Mar 16, 2014
Hi Guys,
I am quite puzzled about all these nice new gsc tracks addon. Firstly i would like to say i thank creators like Patrick who puts through so much effort to convert tracks to beneift us! Really a Big Thank you.. I am curious to know when tracks got converted and put into GSC.. is it benefiting from GSC unique physics code as well so that when I play say Road America in RF1 and Road America in GSC.. I will feel GSC version is better? Because I recall readling Reiza post that it is "weird" that people play modded tracks and cars in gsc since it doesent use gsc physics at all(or something like this)...Hope someone can shed some light? To me i really a true supported of F1 popular tracks...I am shock suddenly in AUG so many new tracks launched.

Also hope some expert can teach me how to set the triple screen angle correct in game. GSC graphic on my triple screen caused the car side mirror to tilt outwards and not inwards like a real car.. IS there a ini file for us to edit and specify the angle? Can some expert teach me. As all other games (iracing, ac, codemaster etc) i can get the mirror angle spot on no issue. Thanks.