[Mod Request] Williams to Mercedes car Model swap + FW42 Skin


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Apr 11, 2011
Hi, wasnt sure where to put this since we dont have the requests/WIP/question threads up yet but,
I was wondering if anybody could change Williams' car to that of Mercedes' model and then make a Williams FW42 skin for it? At the very least, id like to see an FW42 Williams skin for the Mercedes model and then i'll try to figure out how to swap the model for Williams myself.

I came up with the idea since there was this rumor floating that Williams had attempted a Mercedes style concept for this year's car but had basically ran out of money that was allocated to them for the car's development partway through and had to cut alot of corners to finish it.
I was thinking of doing a "what-if they had completed that concept?" essentially but i have no skinning experience whatsoever. Another reason was because i dont like the way Williams setup their car's steering wheel and MFD, it just bothers me for some reason lol.


Oct 6, 2018
I'm not sure how to do this but this video might help if you have photoshop. I don't have photoshop so I can't make the liveries myself but maybe you can. Here's also the 3d templates you will need if you do decide to do it >>> https://www.racedepartment.com/downloads/f1-2019-cars-3d-model-for-photoshop.27469/

If you do manage to make the livery, can you pls send me a link to download the mipmaps and erp thx.

EDIT - I got photoshop so I might try to make this livery
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