Mod import problems


Dec 14, 2009
Hi Everyone

I'm pretty new to the mod scene but as a frustrated racing driver I can't get enough of the sim's. Started with Race 07, then GTR 2 and GTR Evo and now Race On. I've found many a new track and seem to import OK. However, I am having a problem with skins and car mods especially the Porsche and Ferrari cars. I cannot get any sound from the car!. I've imported the TVR series mod OK with full sound and imported this into my gamedate/teams folder, so I tried this with the Ferr/Porsche but it will not recognise it, so it went in the GTSport folder. The cars appear but not the sound and to be honest it is peeing me off.
I also had to reinstall the three games as the menu crashed several times after putting in the GT Evo Patch from the Simbin site. The race menu does not now show mandatory pit stops and superpole.

If any one can help me with my problems, I'd appreciate it.