Mobile light-sim poll/survey

Hi all,

I've opened this discussion in order to gather some data regarding the open-ness of sim racers towards mobile racing games and if there is a desire/need for a more "realistic" racing game that people can play when they are away from their sim rigs.

A bit of background: I am a gamer, sim racer and (mostly) self taught 'game developer' with a hobby in 3d modeling. I am currently and for the last few months working (in my spare time) on a game that is far from a simulator (ie: not a full simulation like AC, RF2, etc) but tries to simulate parts of current and future motorsport rules & regulations - hence the "light-sim" label.
The game will be set in a fictional motorsport based on the 2020+ WEC regulations, but not limited to it. Will feature semi-realistic physics, race weekend format (practice, quali, race1, race2), a championship structure with points gathered in multiple events, 24 hour races (in 24 minutes) divided in stints (player plays just a part of the total race), challenges to do besides the main career mode (time attack, hillclimb, TBD), 3 main car classes each divided in 2 sub-classes (like GT-AM and GT-PRO) and the list of features goes on...

There will be a demo with one car, one track, one race type-of-deal at some point, but until then, back to the survey:
  1. Are you playing or have played recently any mobile racing games? if yes, name them.
  2. What is your go-to PC sim? (ie: most played simulator)
  3. Do you play console racing games like Forza Motorsport and Gran Turismo?
  4. Some sims have a few fictional tracks. Do you prefer real tracks or fictional ones?
  5. What about fictional race cars? would you be interested in a full grid of fictional cars?
  6. How important is multiplayer and what type of multiplayer races do you prefer?
  7. Is visual customization something that your favorite sim is lacking? Or is it something of a gimmick for you?
  8. Do you find minigames interesting in other games? (eg: lockpicking in some RPG games)
  9. What do you prefer: a) real damage and part failure that can force you to abandon the race, b) a more casual approach or c) something in between?
  10. What do you prefer: a) real penalties and disqualification, b) a light warning or c) something in between?
Please try to keep the answers on point and the discussion on topic!
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