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Missing front grill while adding new badge - Need help

Discussion in 'Euro Truck Simulator 2' started by Aragon Speed, Mar 31, 2014.

  1. Aragon Speed

    Aragon Speed

    A while ago Cjoke brought out a mod that added a new engine to the Scania R. While new engines are nothing new, this mod also added the corresponding badge to the front grill. (The original mod is here: http://modbox.us/euro-truck-simulator-2-mods/r1020hp-scania-v8-engine-with-badge-v-1-0/)

    The original mod no longer works with the 1.9x patch (Nor the 1.8x patch either iirc) and I have been trying to contact Cjoke to see if (a) He/She is going to update the mod to work with 1.9, or (b) If He/She would mind me updating it.

    As I have been waiting for a long time without a reply, I have to assume that Cjoke is no longer a part of the modding community. Therefore I have been converting the original mod to be compatible with 1.9.

    I have the mod fully working for the Scania R in 1.9. However, while the engine shows up and works as intended and the badge is also added as intended, the V8 grill will not show on the Scania Streamline.

    As everything else is working correctly, I think it must be something to do with how the badge is added to the grill in the PMD file, or in the .mat file. Unfortunately I have no idea how to edit these.

    Being able to edit these would also solve my last problem as well. I could create and apply my own new badge texture and not have to worry about using another modders work. Also I could probably add a number of new engines to the game with appropriate badges if needed.

    Any help or advice anyone can supply would be appreciated.