Mini's @ Monza 07- Wed February 17th 2010

Yves Larose

May 28, 2008
Entry list:
  1. Yves Larose
  2. Eric Nelson
  3. Patrick Byloos
  4. Anthony Donahue
  5. Jesse Dixon
  6. Driver
  7. Driver
  8. Driver
  9. Driver
  10. Driver
  11. Driver
  12. Driver
  13. Driver
  14. Driver
  15. Driver
  16. Driver
  17. Driver
  18. Driver
  19. Driver
  20. Driver
  21. Driver
  22. Driver
  23. Driver
  24. Eric Estes (maybe)
  25. Dennis Phelan (maybe)
Feb 9, 2010
what times are ppl running- im just now tweaking and getting high 126 to low 127's. Is that in the range or do i need 115's to compete?
ummm- i meant high 2:17's low 2:18's... looked at the wrong sheet.....:rolleyes:

Eric Nelson

Jan 14, 2009
WOW Welcome Anthony! here's a little secret for you...............We don't ever wreck you in anger here.......................honestly!

can't promise you zero contact but be rest assured, you can look ahead more in the race and not feel like your trying to outrun a torpedo!
Jun 23, 2008

sorry man, just realized I have to be up at 4 am for work tonite and tomorrow...gotta pull out and go to bed early!
Wife's got lots of Dr's appointments this week...

Eric Estes

Dec 3, 2008
Oops... practiced at Monza '08 - hope my setup works...

hmm... about 2s slower - feels more slickery...

Eric Estes

Dec 3, 2008
First Off - apologies for the start of race 2 - I was so intent on getting off the line and getting through the chicane that I shifted straight into second. I think Eric N. got the worst of that.

Race 1: Pretty uneventful - Saw Yves in Ascari, saw Yves in Ascari again, saw Yves pit, saw Yves in rearview, saw Yves blow by, lost sight of Yves. I was catching Anthony at one point (slowly) then he must have had to garage it.

Race 2: Blew the start, but everyone got by safely in the chicane. Caught up with Dennis, then locked up the brakes into Roggia and punted him into the trap. Fell back in behind him - at this point I think he was just wanting to mess with me a little, I passed him into Parabolica, he passed back in Rettifilo, I went back around on the way to Roggia (waiting for a punt that never came :smile:) - then lost it in Ascari when I took too much of the first curb. Had to pit for repairs, then ran on to the finish.

Thanks to Yves and RD! Grats to Eric!

Dennis Phelan

Apr 8, 2009
Too bad we didn't get more of a turnout, wide open track, small cars.

R1 For most of the race Willie and I had each other in sight. Sometimes closer than I wanted and other times not close enough. Even with a mistake or two for each of us it was close. Great fun!

R2 Early in the race everyone just took off and away from me. I figured boredom would set in and looking in my mirrors it looked like it was going to be bad for Eric too. His read on the race is good.

Thanks Yves and RD for the race!

Eric Nelson

Jan 14, 2009
<Man was that a fun night of racing for me!

Quali: Yves goes out and sets the pace in the 14.4's. I plug in a setup I had saved from my public racing days and get going. I reset quick lap by almost .4 by going into a 14.010. Yves makes another run at it and gets to a .035 but cannot retake Pole from me. I am in chat with 30 seconds to go and already the "GRats eric" shows up. I am talking to Dennis on Teamspeak and he comments about the lap I had and then BAAAAAAAAAAAAM JESSE steals POLE by going to a 13.935 w/ ZEROES ONTHE CLOCK! WELL DONE JESSE never saw you coming........

race 1: I get just enough of a start to lock out Jesse entering the chicane. I extend a bit over the next couple of laps. Yves has had an incident of some sort as it's clearly now Jesse and I for the win. Jesse is closing the gap on me in the middle stages. My car is understeering and I have a "cut warning" in the bank already so I have to slow down a bit. Jesse Finally gets a run on me exiting Lesmo and he is outside me and door to door coming to Ascari! I am in side and brake a tad early in case he tries a crazy outbrake pas form the outside. My car stays on track while Jesse hit the gravel and I hear the engine PEGGED and him flying through the trap to get back in the fight. Later jesse receives a sstop n go for cutting on e of the chicane's and that seals up P1 for me. It was a great race Jesse!

R2: Starting in the back this time. I get a great jump off the line and am about to split Dennis and one other when contact is made and I hit someone squarely in the bumper killing my speed. So I hammer on and eventually pass Dennis on the main straight. NOw I am Chasing Jesse and Yves after getting by Willie. They have a BIG BATTLE going on with Yves defending brilliantly and Jesse keepng it clean. I close on them once then give the gain back by running wide in Lesmo 1. I get 2 cut warnings and am only a liitle more than 7 laps in. I pass Jesse and then am coming in to serve my Stop n go. Jesse tags me thinking I am trying to keeop him from drafting me and I am stalled at pit entrance facing the wrong way. It takes me more time to get my SNG done. Meanwhile, jesse has had some bad luck as well and we are seperated by only 10 seconds. I am pretty sure if I just keep it one spot behind Jesse I get the overall win. I beg willie to keep it on track for the last 2 laps and it works out.

after the dust settles, I have the overall win by one point over 3 other drivers tied at 14! amazing fun and my first overall win here at RD!

looking forward to more MINI racing since these cars are so much fun to race!

Thanks Yves, Eric K and RD for anotehr fun day!