Minimum settings for CM/CSP/SOL

I appreciate what CM/CSP/SOL does, however, the incredibly massive amount of settings just confuse me, and the pop up messages don't always make a lot of sense, so I really don't know what to check or uncheck. Everyone seems to set things differently.

The things that I appreciate about CM/CSP/SOL are the ability to drive at night, the ability to accelerate time, and the real world weather at the tracks.

With that said..

1. I don't mind the vanilla AC menus and I actually enjoy the vanilla game startup.
2. I don't mind the vanilla championship mode and how it looks. Actually I find it
3. I find the vanilla AI very good and am very happy with them.
4. I don't mind manually dragging new tracks or cars into the AC folder.
5. I don't need rain.
6. I am happy with the graphics as they are in the vanilla game. My computer is a little old and runs the game just fine.

So my question to all of you is, can I find a way to use these specific features of CM/CSP/SOL but not have to add all these other things and checkboxes?