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Mini @ Warwick Farm - Friday 17th April 2009

Discussion in 'RACE 07 Racing Club & Leagues' started by Andrew Evans, Apr 14, 2009.

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  1. Rob Goldthorpe

    Rob Goldthorpe

    Brilliant race tonight lads, close and clean. had a great few laps with Max as always then he just goes straight on, to my amusement :D

    Really good battles going on, I can't remember names as always but you know who you are.

    Thanks for organizing Andrew, and thanks for playing everyone else. See ya at the next event! :good:
  2. Gary Lennon

    Gary Lennon

    Big ace fight with Ries for the win,i was trying something new for pits this week instead of the usual boring fuel and tyres at mid point,i was going to run as long as i could stay on track with the tyres then pit for about 15L fuel and change only front tyres,but i feel that strategy went out the window when there was a little confusion with me and lapper bringing almost to a stop at one point...i looked to check the gap which was 24secs last look and expected maybe down to 15secs or something...but it was growing rapidly,we will never find out how strategy would work or not,but i get the feeling Ries would have taken it,sorry to hear problems ruined your night m8 :(.....and btw when i typed up my little smiley :) ,that was my delight at backmarker confusion and how you would be seeing nice gap drop,not smiling at your demise,just wanted to clear that up :good:.
    Well done Nige m8 and Bruno and all who stay and finish :).
    Big thanks Andrew for event and track,and cheers RD :good:
  3. Kieran Mcgeachy

    Kieran Mcgeachy


    QUALLY - 5TH :)

    RACE - got good start was 4th untill a crashed into aa wall by the hovercraft sea test course on 1st lap, oops!! couple other mistakes led me to 15th i think but battled back up the ranks to 5th untill last few laps n was runnin outta fuel and had to short shift. Pit went well on 45th lap, finished in 9th, thanks for the battles guys.

    Thanks to RD and Andrew for another greats nite mini racing.
  4. Ben Shears

    Ben Shears

    Great night of racing!

    After practice thought I could get in the top 10 and manged it, albiet in 10th! But best enduro qualy nonetheless.

    Got away really well and in 8th but didn't have the pace to match those ahead. Bruno Viera was pacey behind and got by me, I would see him many times this night! Then there was an incident up ahead and I found myself in 4th. Nigel Atkins chased me down and passed me but after poor Notenboom disconnected I realised it was a race for 3rd. Put in some good laps and caught back up to Nigel but then some dodgy driving on worn tyres put me back a bit.

    Then came the pitstop and for some reason I had forgotten to set the tyres to be changed! What a disaster, I ran for a while really struggling before coming in again. Down to 8th I started chasing for 7th and fortunately those ahead hadn't pitted and I passed a few and somehow ended up in 3rd. But Bruno was again chasing me hard and eventually caught me and overtook me at Turn 2, I managed to get in the toe down the straight and took him at the hairpin but he re-passed later on in the lap and was much faster. Then there was an incident with Bruno, seemed to a hit a lagging car and I went by thinking this would be my first podium. But Bruno must have put in some really quick laps to catch back up. He took me in Turn 3 and I tried the same trick at the hairpin but he got me on the cutback. Completed the last few laps and was satisfied with 4th. Who knows., have got 3rd without the pit blunder but congrats all the finishers, and Bruno, good race mate.

    Cheers Andrew.
  5. Matt Crouch

    Matt Crouch

    very tricky track, think I preferred it in the Cat 200s :p Not sure I ever really got a good line round the track so my lap times were a little inconsistent. Overall though a fun race, specially near the end.

    A fluke lap saw me finish practice in 5th place, but unsurprisingly qualified further down in 11th.
    Started the race and had a few laps trying to get ahead of Lucas, eventually managed and gained ground on some others but managed to take a detour off the track and had to try and catch up all over again.

    Then some more stuff happened. I pitted, more stuff. After coming out of the pits I was lapping slower than the other people ahead but slowly either I seemed to be getting into a rhythm or others were getting out of it. Either way I managed to take it up to 5th, with some good battles with a few people. Arachnothorp inevitably managed to get past me after one previous attempt and I ended up in 6th overall.

    Thanks for the event and also Ries / Bjorn for the setup
  6. David Buxton

    David Buxton

    What a great night! Synchronized crashing :nod: the works. 6-7 pits later finished 13th :nod:

    Thanks to Andrew :beer: and RD
  7. Jarbas Melo

    Jarbas Melo

    nice racing, tanks to all, :)

    finish 11º :)
  8. Kennett Ylitalo

    Kennett Ylitalo

    Good race for me. Uneventful but steady. My goal was to finish in the points and i got the 8th place. My new skin is 1.5secs faster than the old one:rotfl:

    Decided to take 2 stop strategy cause my tires always have failed me before on endurance. Short 1st stint, long/slow 2nd and short/fast 3rd stint. To my surprise didn't make but one mistake for the whole race. Woohoo!

    Oh, it was because of fuel Kieran, i was little bit surprised when you just let me pass.

    I almost drove off when Ries appeared BIG in my mirrors, thought i hadn't noticed him and caused his demise by not letting him pass. Was confused by not seeing the blue flags but then i got the message that his pc froze.. Sorry about that m8. :dont-know: Few backmarker errors, mainly slowing down at the wrong moment but that's understandable when you have to look more to the mirrors than thru your frontwindow, been there.. It's not easy.
  9. Kieran Mcgeachy

    Kieran Mcgeachy

    Oh, it was because of fuel Kieran, i was little bit surprised when you just let me pass.


    Yeh mate, was runnin real low lol
  10. Bruno Vieira

    Bruno Vieira

    Really good race. My First in RD Community.
    I start to practice on this track today so my quali laps didnt so good, but i had the 8TH place. In the start, i jump to 5th place, but i going out off the track, so i'm came back in 11º and going really faster until the first stop, im in 4th but someone hit me in the back and im lose the pits, another lap then im in. 2 pits with refuel and tire changes later, i came back in 8th and start to pushing to 3rd place. Thanks all guys for the clean race and Ben for the great Fight!

    PS: Sorry about my english!
  11. Stefan Werner

    Stefan Werner

    Sorry guys, I completely forgot about this. :(
  12. Max-Yvan Liegrace

    Max-Yvan Liegrace

    I'm starting to be frustrated about my unstable driving but there my brake pedal slipped and i was braking 2 late to stay on the track sorry Rob for that
    in some way i ruined your race because our fight was very entertaining
  13. Paulo Ribeiro

    Paulo Ribeiro
    Animals and Racing Lover

    My worst Mini race ever. I made more mistakes last night than in the 10 races before mixed. :honk:

    I will not excuse me with the track (second thought, maybe i will) :woop:
    Qualified in 16th, finished in 7th and in the meantime i had so many battles with Bob Miley, Rob, Matt, Kennett and Kieran. :party2: That was the positive side of my race. :wink2: On lap 10 i hit - guess what - the wall on that double (or triple?) left and got a damaged suspension, didn't repair when i pit which gave me heavy understeer on the slowest corners entry.
    Anyway, good race overall.
    A big THANKS to the drivers i lapped, they did an excellent job.
    In fact they were very polite that even exit the tarmac to make our pass easier. However, you don't have to do that, you are compromising your own race. Just keep your line. :)Jarbas was a very very very gentleman. Thanks all.

    Congrats for your damn fast pace Gary and to Nigel's recovering to 2nd place and to Bruno for the last podium place. :clap2:

    Thank you Andrew and RD for another pleasent hinght. :cheer2:


    P.S. Max, when i saw you parked, i thought you were waiting for me :biggrin1:
    as i asked you before race start. Best luck next time. :thumb:
  14. Ries Notenboom

    Ries Notenboom


    Ye event was brilliant, just had to mention that :D Last time on Warwick I had a blast as well with the 1987 WTCC.

    And I'm sure we will have some more dogfights Gary, at RD or maybe ETC as well, saw you lot joined that as well.

    And think seeing your pitstop strategy it would not have worked :) I fueled 24l and changed 3 tyres only. With the fresh tyres and lappers I gained to much to fast I think. But w/e was a blast as long as it lasted. Did you fook your suspension as well btw ? I did so in lap 5 or so going into the tight left hander around the lake :D Was trying to build a gap but ended the other way around !

    Till next event :dance2:
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