MINI Friday @ Vitus GP - Friday April 9th 2010

Bram Hengeveld


Server Name: MINI
Track: Vitus GP
Weather: Dry
Start: 19:00 GMT
Practice: 30 minutes
Qualification: 30 minutes
Race: 80 minutes
Note: Click here to read the password and golden rules!

No sign up list, just drop in when the server gets online at 19:00 GMT. You will decide the track we race at by seconding eachothers post. The track that gets the first three seconds will be the track we will race on Mini Friday.


Herrmannator: OMG, I want Nordschleife
Atkins: I second Nordschleife:thumbup: 
Omer: I second Nordschleife :cool:
Bram: I want Brands Hatch Indy
Lee: I second Brands Hatch Indy
KennetT: I second Nordschleife...
Result: nordschleife gets picked for this event as it has three seconds
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