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Mini Friday @ Vara Raceway, Friday, 06 March 2015

Sam Hill

Jan 23, 2014
Great event. Enjoyed this track a lot this week!

Got a good lap in for p4 before the server issues. Was demoted to 9th by default so we all did some more laps. Took 5th in that session before the event was restarted again and we went straight to warmup. I ended up last again :(

Got a good start getting past @Dennis Phelan into T1. On the exit of the first left hander I clipped the wall and took my first bout of suspension damage. Took another position from @Damo when he ran wide. Held off @Robert Covey and @Damo till the pits when I got the jump on them. Held a 10ish second gap till the end and closed in on @Nelson Ullinskey when he made a couple of mistakes. All hell broke loose on the last lap when I got 2 front punctures! Managed to scramble across the line in a shower of Sparks to take 4th.

Thanks to all for the race. See you next week! :)


Nov 15, 2013
Well it was all going so well until 6:10 :0) , luvly twirly save at 1st corner at about 7:23 ish.