Mini Friday Shots - Friday 18th June 2010

Chris Sykes

Sep 13, 2009
David I know I've just withdrawn from sundays WTCC I'm just done a reinstall of the drivers and just did a few laps on offline and wheel seems to be working I'll join this session and give it a test then take it from there

Ross Balfour

#99 | Roaring Pipes Maniacs
Feb 25, 2008
Connection went twice in last 5minutes of qually and missed warm-up....really sick and tired of this :(

Simon Gardner

Feb 12, 2009
Great racing tonight some nice fights in all the races, Thanks RD, Dave,
I got a CTD just after crossing the finish at Castle Combe, hopefully it should still count.

Mike Bell

One-time RDTCC Race Winner
Sep 26, 2009
right let me just clarify something as i was hit off a bunch of times at castle coombe
the rule is if you hit someone off u have 2 wait for em 2 rejoin even if that means u losing plases? that correct cuz if so i got some complaints 2 file [sry david]
other then that dissapointment at cc where i dnfed cuz i clipped a wall in the 1st chicane on inside
11th at most and 14th at pau
at pau i was racing jesper and a few others for 6th when he lost his rear end and just gave me a lil nudge but it was enough 2 make me hit wall and get a punctue
ill look into it but i dont believe it was anyones fault