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Mini Friday @ Adelaide: Friday, 02 May 2014


Car: Mini
Track: Adelaide [download here]
Weather: Dry
Games: Race 07

19:00 GMT: Practice
19:30 GMT: Qualification
19:40 GMT: Warmup
19:50 GMT: Race (40 Minutes, mandatory pit for 2 tires minimum)
Please note the change in times

RD Club Rules: Click Here
Server and TeamSpeak Passwords: Click Here

Entry List:
  1. Dennis Phelan
  2. Justin Swan
  3. Kennett Ylitalo
  4. Matthias Klein
  5. Nelson Ullinskey
  6. Arunas Linkevicius
  7. David Kingshott
  8. Hristo Milushev
  9. Toni Keränen
  10. Garry Pullen
  11. Björn Golda
  12. Mehmet Baran
  13. Simon James
  14. Kai Syvertsen
  15. Reik Major
  16. Valerio Vinassa
  17. István Milbich
  18. Tito Parisi
  19. -
  20. -
  21. -
  22. -
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Track limits.. Adelaide has some unique track limits.. What is the policy, always between yellow lines or real life? There's two corners where yellow lines are not respected in reality but there are high curbs and dark tarmac patch. IMHO, in those two corners, it's the dark patch that defines the track. If you go over that, it's a clear violation.

Example one : At the limits, anything over this not acceptable. I ended up there following the dark tire marks and you can see that the trackbuilder has made the line like this, it joins seamlessly to the line to next corner. This is the first of those two corners.

Example two: All four tires never go over the curb completely. Certainly this can be allowed?

And finally, the always controversial first chicane, there one often has to cut a bit to avoid accidents. At the very least, drivers should not try to avoid cutting at the very last moment but are required to lift or stay in gear until the next corner. Otherwise we could have 50% DNF rate if we try at very last moment to stay within the lines.. This example is, IMHO the limits, anything over this and you have cutted. Inside the car, i couldn't tell if it was a cut or not, i knew it was close..

In other tracks, there is no questions what is cutting and what is not. In Adelaide, there is safety issues plus those two corners where the line is made outside yellow lines and AFAIK, they use at least very similar driving lines than what i presented. There's also fun factor involved, if we go "all four tires inside yellow lines", the track becomes very frustrating, the flow is just horrible. And i can't honestly trust each and everyone to respect those lines; they are drawn in to the track so one easily starts to follow the darkened tire marked lines..

edit: made a video, remembered to keep lap time "secret"..

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It is a very difficult track for that Kennett and thanks for bringing it up.

The first chicane: RD rules should be followed here, two wheels on track at all times and if you "think" you went further, just hesitate on pouring it on to catch the driver in front of you. If I were watching everyone to count line crosses, the picture shown would be a close call and I'd say that if you were not cutting much in the race it's OK but if you were cutting all the time, this is another one.

For the other two, at the top of the hill exiting the right hander and at the entrance to the back straight: I try to keep all four wheels off of the huge curb in both corners and treat them like walls. OK, I'm slow but it makes it easier for me to drive. Simply, you should not be driving to go over the curbs but mistakes are made. What can you do if there is a mistake? Ease off the throttle for a second or make some attempt to not take the advantage if you git behind the curb.

Worst case is someone that just aims to miss the track for the sake of a fast lap and I would expect that a driver would be turned in for completely disregarding the track boundaries when he does it consistently IN ANY CORNER.

After the curbing and down the back straight: No problem going over the white or yellow lines, go as far as you like.

So, I understand that mistakes will be made. Kennett has pointed out a reasonable limits, ones that RD Club has imposed before. I'm not worried about the mistakes, its outright disregard for track boundaries that goes beyond the limit that I do not want to see. When it.disturbs a driver that's being beaten up[ by it aggressive driving and bad behaviors will commence and the racing becomes a mess. Lets keep that from happening.

Thanks for the clarification. I agree that all tires over the curb is excessive, at least lift is expected afterwards. I was a bit concerned that if we go really strict, it's totally not fun anymore, those two corners have a certain flow following the guidelines you stated. There is not a lot of time to gain there anyway. In the first chicane you can literally cut over a second.. I not going to try to overtake there on the inside, just way too dangerous for that.
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