Mini Cooper S 2007 - Zolder


Grant Daly


Thanks Bram I'll let you know how I go OK?


So I have turned a few at Zolder MAN!!! what a wicked track! I started after a few laps with a 1:58:555
Then about 6 laps later and a pit stop a 1:57:9xx
Nad I tweaked it a lil to help get through the Chicane a lil quicker and just a bit to more my driving style... I came out after say 25 laps
with a PB of - 1:56:821 using View attachment FEAR GD Zold R1.svm

Thanx Again Bram, And have fun PPL, G...

Attila Domján

Dec 26, 2006
I turned a few laps, 1:52.989 so far with this setup, fuel usage and tyre wear on, normal practise mode.

edit: 1:52.5, take fuel down to 6L, it is enough in qualy for an outlap and 2 flying laps.



Edward Leake

I've only used the setup for 5 laps, managed a low 1:55 so far, should easily get that down wot 1:53's with practice - seems like a good setup to me. :)