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Mini Cooper S 2007 - Hungaroring

Nigel Atkins

Jan 3, 2007
this is very much work in progress, only small adjustments made ie: gears, brakes, steering lock and rear anti-roll bar.

this my 1st setup i`ve uploaded and am very noobish at making them so dont expect to much :)



Edward Leake

I've never driven this circuit before, I have today off work (I worked late last night) and so I've done 40 minutes of testing tweaking a setup to aid turn-in without oversteer and increase mid corner grip and stability.

This setup is in its early stages but it promotes smooth throttle transitions, keep your throttle on and clean and it hugs the line well.

Only downside is when off the throttle completely the rear becomes unstable, this is a result of it being rather stiff compared to the front.

It's only given me concern on the last corner, but uses the brakes gently to tighten to the apex and you don't need to come off the throttle completely.

Testing best lap 1:55.4 (bare in mind today was my first ever time at this circuit)

Let me know what you think - be honest. :thumb:


Lee Downham

Jun 16, 2008
Thanks Ed ...
No time to test it yet, but will give it a shot later and let you know how it goes for me.

Attached is my [appalling] attempt at a setup ... took the default and tweaked it, but not much (after watching Attila's 1:53, I lengthened the gears a bit, and played a little with slow bump/rebound, tire pressures, cambers and anti-roll bars). Whenever I seem to make any adjustments to what I have here, it begins to start handling like my old VW camper van :lol:

Like you Ed, its my first time on this track, and as I lack practise time (kids to look after)
I am fairly inexperienced in the mini's or in getting good setups too (and after an hour or so of practice and setup tweaking in the early hours of the morning, I seem to be stuck at around 1:57:1 ... I know its a bit slow, don't laugh :rolleyes:)

Anyway, I am trying to learn more about good setups, so if someone takes this setup and drives or tweaks it, I would seriously appreciate your feedback, especially in what can or should be changed to make better (faster) :thumb:

EDIT: added updated #race# setup - tweaked and fiddled with first one to get to this - felt much more balanced and I went a second quicker with it :D(endurance racers note: tires went off badly after about 25 mins)



Lee Downham

Jun 16, 2008
Your setup seemed fairly balanced, but I couldn't get to grips with it (only tried a few laps with it though as time was short pre-race last night).

From what I remember, I couldn't get it to turn in and track through the corner as well as the setup I already had (and I think I improved on - see my EDIT and 2nd setup above) ... although that may have a lot to do with my (obviously slower!) driving style :wink:
Thanks for the post up though ... gave me a few things to think about :thumb:

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