Mini Cooper - Puebla 06

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  1. Maik Peters

    Maik Peters

    Puebla like Curitiba is based on an american style oval with long banked corners and then a twisty, technical infield. This means the setup of the car is a constant compromise between speed and downforce... go fast on the oval part of the track or go fast on the infield.

    The track is completely flat and has no camber worth noticing on the infield part, instead it presents the drivers with a different challenge: tyre management.

    The surface is extremely rough and winning here will be as much about strategy and smart driving as about sheer speed. Odds are that your tyres will be completely used up when you get to that all important last lap.



    0:00.000 Name - NR

    1:42.000 henY[RPM] - #13 (Green Wonder)
Thread Status:
Not open for further replies.