Mini Cooper Night - Tuesday July 22nd 2008

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Christian Deparis

i was realy supprised when chris said it was you that caused the T1 crash, and having raced with you for a long time in new it was an error. and looking at the replay you just braked to late, easly done we`ve all done it :pound:

ceretenly made an interesting race for me, started 6th or 7th went down to 20th and still finished 7th :wink:
Thx Nigel for your help .

Grant Powell

Jun 30, 2008
It was good racing with you Carlos shame we could not keep it up till the end of the race but at that corner i had already turned in and you came in to deep and to fast LOL straight in front of me so we collided and off you went to my relief :D but you are a very fair driver and look forward to racing against you soon i hope.

As for the incidents i like to think these are not done on purpose and that people where just misjudging the brakes on these minis but i found that we all make mistakes and a simple sorry at the time is all it takes to resolve this rather then there being some bad blood both on the track and then on the forums.
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