Mini Challenge @ Mont Tremblant North-Wednesday MArch 31st , 2010

Eric Nelson

Entry List:

  1. Eric Nelson
  2. Dennis Phelan
  3. Driver
  4. Driver
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omg i feel bad for you eric, maybe the time does not fit to other drivers. Try doing it earlier and you might get more ppl. Just try it because i don't want this to happen on all your races.

Eric Nelson


the real difference for east coast guys is only 15 minutes. We used to start " official Practice" at 9PM for 30 mins, then 20 mins quali, then 10 mins warm up and race x 2 about 22 mins each. add it all up and it's no big deal for us but helps the guys left of us giving them 15 more mins to get in the Q Session.

YOu;ll be surprised once the ATCC concludes on 4/9 how many more we get in each event. I predict full fields for GT Mondays and WTCC fFridays , 10 cars on wednesdays MINI"s plus the Sunday open class day will start picking up steam too.

BTW don;t feel bad for me, join another event and I'll sleep just fine.

Dennis Phelan

Eric and I put on a show for the crowds last night. I think they got their moneys worth!

I qualified two seconds behind eric. I had figured that.

R1: Everything that a Mini can do, I did! Managing to do it all without damaging the suspension, totally amazing. Eric made the last mistake and I took the trophy.

R2: Everything that a Mini can do, I did! No, not really, it was actually a better race with Eric leaving me in the dust towards the end of the race.

Thanks for both of those races Eric and for making them interesting, I know how hard it is to go slower than your fastest and stay on track.

Thanks RD for the night!

Eric Nelson

LOL Dennis if we can't have fun then what the heck are we doing out here?

Yeah we had a good time pounding around this track and feel bad for those who missed this event. It's just a beauty of a circuit fr these little go machines.

Now what to do next week? I'll let you throw out the track choice this week since you have clearluy made more events than anyone thus far.

So? Waht'll it be?

Dennis Phelan

First, I should mention that the last time I was asked to pick a part of a race combo it dealt a death knell to the entire series.

There are so many tracks that I haven't even been been to yet!

I can wait for the tracks I've been on to return.

I haven't found any of the other tracks that I raced on IRL so
let's a take our reasonably priced cars to this track. Should be interesting with traffic.

But I think it should be "seconded" twice before it's accepted.

Dennis Phelan

Scratch that, I just tried a reace there, no go!

I need time to think, how can I pick without trying a bunch of tracks, I have to ponder!

Dennis Phelan

It's an easy setup and I heven't seen a race here yet.
Someone spent a lot of time on this one, simple to set up for, tougher to drive and the crowds are just great!
It will still need two seconds, Leipzig.
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