EU MINI Challenge (Live Stream) @ Virginia North - Friday 16 Nov 2018

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  1. Arkoudadis

    George Georgiadis Premium

    That was probably one of the dirtiest races ive ran in RD... I mean its ok to be faster than the other and want to get by him but GUYS... Not every turn and brake point on the race track is for you to try and pass... I ve seen so many dive bombs and launches up the inside that it was certain that one wouldnt make it... For most of the first race i was trying to avoid people diving, like there is a 10k$ grand price at the end. Come on, relax a little!
    Anyway great race combo tonight! The little mini show its potential on the narrow and twisty parts of the track!
    Have a great weekend all and try to relax! You cant go Verstappen/Ocon mode every night! People racing to relax... If you leave the track with anger then you are doing something wrong!
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  2. MapoUK


    Thanks to everyone tonight, only my second outing in AMS at RD and I can't believe how much fun it was.

    First race I made a mistake lifting off for another car, spun and hit the barriers hard, dropping me to second last. Despite this I still managed to finish 19th.

    Second race I started 6th with the reverse grid, I had such an epic battle with @Davy Vandevenne for the lead and just managed to scrape through by 0.02 seconds for my first win at RD!

    Thanks Davy for one of the most epic fights I've had in RD to date, and for making it a clean fight :thumbsup:
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  3. Mark Breslin

    Mark Breslin

    @terrazi @praxtonio Apologies for lap4 R2:notworthy: completely lost it with damage I had into the corner and locked up colliding with you both. :(
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