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miles per hour gauge unit texture

Textures miles per hour gauge unit texture 1.0

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how do you put the files in to make them work?
use vehicle texture swap or
use the texture importer tool

1 vehicle texture swap
install the DLL to your mods folder and paste the vehicle texture swap file inside the zip into the images folder
and put your custom textures in the satsuma folder in the vehicle texture swap file you put into images

2 texture importer tool
after downloading it put the zip into your game folder and put the exe in the games folder and the Unity_Assets_Files into your game folder aswell then if theres no sharedassets 1 to 4 make folders called
after that paste the textures from this mod into shared assets 1 and 2 and open the exe and press enter to start the texture importing and it should be done

i hope you found this usefull
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