Mike Sterckx is having trouble logging in.

Mohamedou Ari

F1 Sim Racer & #1 St. Bernard Lover on RD
Dec 9, 2010
I am his friend on Steam, and, he has been unable to log into RaceDepartment, so, I am posting on his behalf.

Let me post some of the messages I had with him on Steam:

Spuddywuddy: I'v been unable to login on racedepartement for the past month or so
Spuddywuddy: could you make a post for me on the forum to ask what is wrong?
Saint Bernard Lover: Will do.
Spuddywuddy: when i click login i get a loading bar at the top right of the screen and it keeps loading
Spuddywuddy: nothing hppens
Spuddywuddy: im blocking 3rd party cookies but the only cookies that are blocked from the main page are google ones
Spuddywuddy: google adsense google analytics and google + platform
Spuddywuddy: cheers bud
Do help him out. :)