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Mid-season questionnaire

Discussion in 'Formula SimRacing' started by John-Eric Saxén, Jul 5, 2014.

  1. John-Eric Saxén

    John-Eric Saxén

    With a 7 (now 6) weeks break ahead, it's good to reflect a bit what could be improved for the second season half. I have the following points I would like to hear opinions about. Obviously other feedback is welcome as well.

    1. Rain. The latest rF2 update fixed the accelerated drying of road (including one bug, but it can be overcome). I had a brief test with rain today and full wet is out of question, too difficult for Pro drivers. But anyway my question is, is there interest to have a rain race, and if so, any particular track in mind?

    2. Dirty air. There has been some complaints about this, especially in high-speed corners. I was reluctant to change it before season since goal was to have ISI-built physics 100%. But I have an idea what to change if needed, it's just one parameter related to diffuser downforce loss in dirty air. Alternatively we can add more power to slipstream and/or DRS.

    3. Special event. Plan is to have at least one fun event, where all drivers that qualify are welcome, at some point of season. The mod would be FR3.5 2014 (default setup). Suggestions for dates and track are welcome.
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  2. Georg Winter

    Georg Winter

    1. would be nice, bad malaysia is already over :D maybe spa rain race :)

    2. ya please try it :) But I think only a vote by all drivers will get a result because everybody have a different opinion
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  3. Ho3n3r


    1. It would be nice if we can have conditions similar to what we had at F1 qualifying at Silverstone today, i.e. wet-dry-moist-dry-wet etc. Not sure if that's possible though. And I agree with @Patronic, Spa is the obvious choice. My second choice would be Indianapolis.

    2. It is it a bit too much. The diffuser downforce loss reduction should give the desired effect. Just about 20% less would perhaps be a good starting point.

    3. Nurburgring if there is a decent enough one, or Istanbul .Any date is fine.
  4. Ron Squire

    Ron Squire

    1, I am welcome to it as it will add Excitement and realism to the racing this year.

    2, no comment on this.


    3, i think the Hungaroring will be the special venue as i think i missed it this season (and i am sure some others have missed it too) and the date sometime in the middle of july.
  5. Victor Ivanov

    Victor Ivanov

    1. Changing weather is looking really good apart from the spay which is awful. Also my main concern about using wet in pro is that some drivers use abs and tc.
    2. Dirty air is bad really. If you lower it by 20-30% would be awesome. No point of incresing slipstream/drs power if the dirty air is reduced. Actually no point of touching the slipstream/drs power at all.
    3. I'd love to see Brazil. There is pretty nice version in the downloads section.
    Last edited: Jul 5, 2014
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  6. Ville Leppala

    Ville Leppala

    1. Yes! Doest matter which track.

    2. Not a fan of changing it. Silverstone was easily the worst track regarding dirty air and i dont think we've had any problems in other races.
  7. Dan Brewer

    Dan Brewer

    1. Not a fan of the rain idea unless it is dynamic, don't like the concept of being able to practice when knowing it will rain. Good idea we used in an F1 league I used to be in, at the time of the race we checked the weather IRL at the racetrack and used that weather.

    2. Not really bothered if we reduce dirty air or not, IMO it's too much but I can deal with it. I think it's important we don't increase slipstream effectiveness though as there will be more crashes through people losing the rear under braking.

    3. Not really got a view on this
  8. Carlos Martín

    Carlos Martín

    1. Can be tested, not sure if its gonna work.

    2. I don't agree, overtaking its already ok in rest of tracks of the calendar, I remind that overtaking in Imola was quite easy.

    3. With World Series car I'm not gonna participate, tons of grip on that car, very disgusting to drive.
  9. Chris Knight

    Chris Knight

    1 would be cool to have a rain race maybe use some kindof real weather program to have weather of the day in actual location (can be predicted a week in advance)

    2 If its difficult in real F1 in dirty air same should be in FSR

    3 maybe in late july? try out wet conditions?
  10. Adrian Rodriguez

    Adrian Rodriguez

    1. necessary for me, but we must test it before. I say again for the third time, why not put variable temperatures in race / Q?
    About rain, Spa, but I prefer real weather With a external program (more realistic and unexpected)

    2. I think its fine.

    3. Macau insaid =D
  11. Morgan Morand

    Morgan Morand

    1) Yes i agree about Rain races. But i prefer the RF2 race condition based on realtime weather of the real track. ( we can use accuweather or other weather website )
    like temperature, rain chances ( in pourcentage ) and wind ( if enabled in future build )

    2) Dirty air in Slow/medium speed is ok, but in really fast corner it's just awful. I agree that slipstream is a bit underpowered in high speed but good enough in slow/medium

    So tweak only the highspeed slipstream
  12. Dmitry Zaharov

    Dmitry Zaharov

    1. Yes
    2. Yes
    3. Macau
  13. Marcel van der Linden

    Marcel van der Linden

    1. 100% yess. It gets so much more dynamic then it is now.
    2. Leave it just the way it is. Maybe in the next season but not while a season is running.
    3. One of some really good road tracks where the Indycars are driving on.
  14. Thomas Mundy

    Thomas Mundy

    1. Yes definitely. I also agree with Morgan that if it could be linked into real-time weather at the circuit that would be great as would also mean there was a certain amount of predictability and we could use weather forecasts during broadcasts as well as commentators to tell viewers if rain was possible etc. Would be very cool for the show as well as for the drivers.

    2. I don't think we should add any power to DRS/slipstream because that could make the racing pretty boring as cars can already make the passes in DRS. To reduce the dirty air slightly would be OK in my opinion. But only slightly.

    3. I personally also would also love to do Macau as its a track that unfortunately we'd never be able to do in main FSR cars due to nature of track. Otherwise Donington Park would be nice. Maybe also an event to test the rain from point 1. Wouldn't suggest doing that at Macau though. Crash City. :D
  15. Ben Eastman

    Ben Eastman

    1. only if dynamic. scripted weather is boring, if everyone knows we are having a "wet race", then it's not really exciting. Dynamic weather is exciting because it forces split decisions and messes with everyone's strategy by creating a dynamic race. Scripted weather just means everyone practices in the rain and at that point you might as well just race in the dry.

    2. I wouldn't touch the slipstream due to reasons stated by DB(you already have to brake earlier than normal when trailing, adding entry speed is going to create more accidents especially this far into the year) but seeing how every track left except for maybe Germany has entire sectors of high-speed corners I could see a MINOR change to downforce loss being appropriate. Also if you lose less DF in dirty air, overtaking will be reduced on straights(since your DF doesnt unload as much) but make it easier to overtake in corners.

    3. I agree with Carlos Martin, I don't really like the FR3.5 car compared to the FSR cars. I say make a Indy Toronto version but hey I'm biased from attending the Molson Indy many times as a kid :)
  16. Dian Kostadinov

    Dian Kostadinov

    1. I think would be better to wait till next season to use Rain weather. I still doubt there are any bugs in rainy, didn't test it and can't say an optimal opinion.

    2. Would be good to be decrease with 50% I guess would be enough to catch realism.

    3. I don't think will have time for this kind a fun event after expected bachelor's final exams in the end of September.
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  17. Martin Hodás

    Martin Hodás

    1. Only if it will be based on realtime weather of the real track.
    2. 20-30% decrease would be fine.
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  18. Primaguida


    1) I would like to do wet championship races if it's possible (no important bugs), but I will only rest from now to Hockenheim (I will not do test races). I skip Pro comment becouse I'm irritable.

    2) Unfavorable. I think it would be less realistic, and we don't race only at Silverstone btw.

    3) I think it can be a good idea to see new drivers, but I don't know anything about FR3.5 2014. About data, I suggest to simulate a young driver test (F1 data); about track, I suggest Nurburgring Nordschleife to get David Dominguez crazy :p. I don't know; is Jerez an official rF2 track? What would be a realistic yound driver test rF2 track?
  19. Cedillin


    1) Meh
    2) No
    3) Really do not care, I will not participate
    Last edited: Jul 23, 2014
  20. Blair Disley

    Blair Disley

    1) Yes. If full wet is out of question for Pro, doens't mean it should be out of question for Ace and WC. [not that I think it should be banned in Pro anyway, but thats off topic]

    My suggestion is to do one full wet race. Then do another one/two/three variable weather races if we can somehow use "real weather" like a few others have suggusted. If not, just say which race(s) will have variable scripted[or random if possible] weather.

    2) Leave as is. OR[I know this won't happen] go back to pre dirty air. Get rid of DRS. Get rid of ALL dirty air. Keep slipstream. Make it like 2007 rf1 and before hand, where you had people able to pass without needing DRS.
    Last edited: Jul 24, 2014
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