Microphone Recommendations

My current microphone setup (a nice webcam) is picking up too much background noise from my motion / buttkickers / shifter / etc... does anyone have a setup they are happy with under these conditions?
Microphones in a noisy environment need to be close to the desired sound source and directional rather than omnidirectional to filter out unwanted sounds. The next trick is to use a pop suppressant since it will be close to your mouth and you don't want the splosives (b's, p's) to overdrive the mic. Finally, the mic gain needs to be adjusted appropriately.


The real trick is what e.g. MacBooks do, they have 3 microphones and use the reverse of noise-canceling to isolate the user in front of the MacBook.

The alternative is to do what live musicians do (who have backline amps and a drumset behind their mic). Use a SM58 or other stage vocal mic and get very close to it.