Micro stuttering despite steady fps??..


I'm getting really bad performance with this game.
With everything on highest I get it to run at a steady 130 fps, but the game still micro stutters like crazy..
Anyone else that have this issue?
V-sync on / off don't have any effect.

Windows 10 64-bit
Intel i7 16GB Ram
Nvidia GTX 980M 4GB Vram
could be win10.
vsync on = your refresh rate set the maximum fps.
also strange that you run a 130hz refresh rate monitor using vsync.
try 60hz in your nvidia or amd panel, or 120hz. then turn vsync on in game.
never heard about ppl using 130hz.
bytheway i solved my microstutters problem with the 4gb patcher.
open the patcher,
select MotoGP15X64.exe,
it will make a backup of original exe.
be sure to start the game with MotoGP15X64.exe

tell me if it helped
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