AU Metalmoro MR1@Crystal Palace 1969 v1.1 Sunday 09Dec18


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Oct 13, 2011

Great close bumper to bumper racing on a tight little track. Should make for lots of laughs !!!
Who can join?
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Server Name:
Car: Metalmoro MR1 Prototype (download)

Track: Crystal Palace 1969 v1.1 (download)
Fixed Setups: No (Setups can be shared)
Start Type: Standing (+ Formation Lap)

Sunday 09/12/18
Practice: 20:00 AEDT (20 minutes) 9:00 GMT
Qualifying: 20:20 AEDT (20 minutes) 9:20 GMT
Warmup: 20:40 AEDT (5 minutes) 9:40 GMT
Race 1: 20:45 AEDT (30 minutes) 9:45 GMT
Race 2: 21:15 AEDT (30 minutes) 10:15 GMT

Team Entry List
  1. Tony
  2. Jamie
  3. Steve Le Gallez
  4. Pappa_G_27
  5. Damien van de Velde
  6. Stephen Gibb
  7. kamackeris
  8. baker048
  9. Fred Locklear
  10. Kevin Harris
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Reserves please stay off of the server when official practice starts. Staff will let you know via TeamSpeak if and when you can enter.

Reserve list
  1. Free slot
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