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Merry Christmas and A Happy 2015 RD!

Season's Greetings! :thumbsup:

2014 has been a year of many turnarounds for me.

-I got to a healthy weight for the first time since 2009
-I reconciled with my family members and now we're closely knit more than ever
-I'm in the best shape of my life
-I have improved as a sim racer
-I have regained my work ethic that I lost seven years ago.
-I came to peace with many of my shortcomings that haunted me in my life.
-I am in better health than I have ever been.
-I have better sleep habits
-I feel more like an attractive person than I've ever been
-I have learned how to keep a situation from being tense in my travels
-I have developed a wittier sense of humour
-I have built so many connections locally and globally

Here's to hoping 2015 will be even more bountiful.

I also hope the 2015 F1 season will be Mercedes vs. McLaren.



Merry Christmas to all of you, and a wonderfull and happy new year.

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If you get a Quali Place, you can get a Race Pace
Happy new year to the guys at RD! :thumbsup:

Whenever it may start depending on your timezone, hopefully it will being nice Cars and Games ;)