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Merry Christmas 2020!


Merry Christmas, Race Department members and staff!

Thank you for making this community so special throughout the year.

In no particular order, thank you for . . .
  • Pre- and post-race (real world and sim) banter
  • Mods--tracks, scenery, cars, skins, sounds, physics, and more
  • Opinions--rigs, wheels, shifters, pedals, monitors, VR, racing (and flight sim) titles
  • Creativity--wheel stands and rig chassis; button boxes and plates, scratchbuilt wheels, shifters and handbrakes
  • Sharing--rig build details, wheel settings, car setups, driving pointers, SFX-100 developers and DIYers, experiments in tactile and audio, adventures in 3D printing, game keys and discounts; real world racing photos, experiences and memories from car owners to specatators
  • Humor--not taking ourselves too seriously makes RD a great place to hang out
  • Time--RD contributors and moderators, other unseen work by staffers
  • Appreciation--I see genuine gratitude expressed regularly
  • Care--sounding the alarm so others don't get scammed, reputable vendors coming to the help of sim racers who have been scammed, financial and material sacrifice by friends and strangers to aid others
Praying for an even better 2021!

Peace and blessings!