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Merging Track Question

I just got the software and am having an issue with trying to merge the pit lane. I created a new track for the pit lane and tried to merge it with the main track nodes by holding m and connecting to a main track node. It seems like it worked however they don't seem to be perfectly level and the ai brakes where the tracks overlap. Is there a way to make it so they are the same height and so the ai won't brake at that point.

Also the ai is braking a lot more for a corner than I feel like is necessary. Is that something you can change with the fast line in BTB or only through the aiw file?

The main purpose of the merge button is to allow a series of open ended tracks to be joined end to end. For pitlanes, you can use m to get all points at the same height before moving them horizontally, but if the track has any gradient it'll be virtually impossible to get a smooth transition. You can try adding a few cross sections and moving individual points up and down till it feels okay.

There will always be some degree of bumping, and overlapping triangles, but that's a thing to be addressed later, when you're happy that every other part of the track/terrain have been finished and won't move.

For the AI braking, you need to tweak the pit lane path independently of the track itself by dragging the nodes and creating new ones if necessary. Same goes for the racing line going in to the corner where the AI are braking too much.

Bear in mind that the paths in BTB should only ever be considered placeholders. At the end of track development you'll need to use the official AIW editor that comes with rFactor's DevMode, which involves generating the paths by driving (for the racing line, at a decent pace but not flat out).
Thanks for the reply R Soul. I guess I'll mess around with it some more to try and make it smoother. Like I said I just got BTB so I'm still learning and figuring things out.

I can't seem to open the AIW editor which other people seem to say the same thing with windows 10. Is there any other way other than using the AIW editor to generate a better path?

Thanks again.