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Mercedes-Benz SLS AMG GT3 @ Mugello

I'm having problems at Mugello and because i'm no where near competent of making setups yet^^, i decided to ask you guys for help.
I did not see post about SLS GT3 at Mugello thats why decided to make one.

At the moment im using the only setup i could find on the internet, is from rsr setup page. (Carlo Labati 1:50.482)

The only thing im doing is softs and less fuel obviously. Im doing better then with the default setup but still no where near the top times.

Anyone care to share their setup?


  • mugello_mercedes_sls_gt3_1_50_482_carlo_labati.ini
    1.7 KB · Views: 1,378
This is mine, it was a quick tune for a public server of my silverstone set. 47s on optimum track and softs.


  • SLS v1 Q.ini
    1.6 KB · Views: 1,344
  • SLS v1 R.ini
    1.6 KB · Views: 1,278