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Mercedes AMG GT3 Hotlap setup Zolder 1:28:300

Discussion in 'Assetto Corsa Competizione Setups' started by Kevorkyijan, Jun 3, 2019.

  1. Kevorkyijan


    Hello Again Drivers !
    this time i wanted to take this fat ....and with a very long understeeery nose Monster of a Mercedes in a somewhat difficult track .
    Can't wait to see people under 28 ...i had my share amount of 27.8 during my ....very long session but it was just to much for me to handle after 2 hours of testing ; so i failed most of the time ,the last 4 corners ...I'm sure some of you can even pull of 27.5 with this car .
    So Dont wait !!

    Note : the three setups below are bare bones
    The first one provides no major changes to the aggressive setup
    The second one is an "improved version of the safe setup
    The last one is my custom setup...

    Car of Choice: Mercedes AMG GT3 - Team Garage 59
    Track: Zolder
    Track Condition: Optimum
    Track Temperature: 38°C
    Air Temperature: 27°C
    Time: 16:00

    Video :

    The setups may not appeal to everyone ;the results also vary from driver to driver .

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  2. P. ZEF

    P. ZEF

    Hello, a big thank you for your setup, I subscribe to your channel youtube
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  3. Mr. Plow

    Mr. Plow

    Thanks for sharing your setups mate, it's a great help!
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  4. Kevorkyijan


    thank YOU! ;D
    sorry if i do reply now i've been busy .
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