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Mercedes AMG GT3 Hotlap setup Monza 1.47.6

Hello Again!!!
The Mercedes can be competitive everywhere!
change the Tc as you see fit , the car is pretty stable even at 4TC ; but be careful at Lesmo 2 exit( apex)
and Ascari exit , if you go wide..... because you may end up spinning .
The car doesn't mind curbs so you can use them at your advantage, and she's very sensitive at low /mid speed.For Ascari ...you can almost do it flat ( suggestion dont do it on a race only Q or FP)
Car of Choice: Mercedes AMG GT3
Track: Monza
Track Condition: Optimum
Track Temperature: 38°C
Air Temperature: 26°C
Time: 10:00
Sky: cloudy

!!!!!!IMPORTANT!!! : the brake Bias in the .json file is wrong !
change it to 65 or 63.2 if you have problems approaching Lesmo 1.

Video :

The setups may not appeal to everyone ;the results also vary from driver to driver .


  • Mark I test.json
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The brake bias is at 66. what is wrong with that?
the problem was on my wheel settings when i did the first session of laps . it had input lag or some sort so i had to change the braking point .
the Bias was 63.2 if you have problems at lesmo 1 ; 65 is the good one .
tell me how it does feel to you.