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Discussion in 'Formula Truck 2013' started by Harmor, Jul 8, 2013.

  1. Harmor


    So I finished my first race and ran into a problem - after returning to the pits and leaving the game for session info, it showed a replay in a small window which I clicked on and now I can't get out of this view anymore. I've tried every single key to no avail on a sidenote. I think the game could do with some polish in this regard along with tool tips because some of the menu options, just like this replay function, need some info on how to actually use it.

    Oh, and when I selected track defaults for the amount of laps, it let me do five laps at Velopark - that can't be correct? A ~5 minute race is the default? I don't dare set # of laps myself because there is apparently no way to refuel the truck during the race, so I figure I'd retire after around 20-25 laps on any given track? What's up with that on a sidenote?
  2. Cedric Germain

    Cedric Germain

    Hi Harmor,

    Concerning the window, when you have it on the whole screen, take your mouse and click on the corner up right (an arrow (Pfeil) will appear), then it will reduce the window.