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Meet in Austin, TX for U.S. F1 2012 @ COTA

Discussion in 'Formula 1' started by Ivan Navarro, Jun 7, 2012.

  1. Ivan Navarro

    Ivan Navarro

    OK, who plans on going to the U.S. F1 GP in Austin this fall? Post ITT if you want to meet up with fellow F1 fans in Austin sometime between November 15 and 18. Austin is a great city and this has all the makings of an epic weekend! :D

    I plan to go the day before and return Sunday night after the race or the Monday after. In addition to the racing, my itinerary will include golf, and lot's of eating and drinking! My wife isn't going, so it's going to be a bachelor weekend for me! :devilish:

    We can use this thread to coordinate lodging, transportation, tickets/seat location, meeting places, and non-race related activities. Feel free to post your plans or suggestions for things to do. Below is a template you can use, or feel free to add your own items. :)

    I'll start -

    Traveling From: Baltimore, MD
    Arrival Date: Thursday, November 15
    Hotel: TBD, either downtown or at some golf resort hopefully
    Car/Rental Car: Not sure. I plan to be drinking a lot so driving may not be a good idea! ;)
    Race Schedule: All three days, F1 - FP1/FP2/Qual/Race; ALMS - Qual/Race
    Track Location: Probably T12, Row 16 - 36
    Planned Activities: Golf (Thursday afternoon and any morning I can get up in time), definitely a comedy club show, live music, Saturday night entertainment event at COTA venue, lots of eating and drinking!
    Departure: TBD, probably early Monday.
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  2. David E. Richards

    David E. Richards

    Hi, I'm hoping to be going as well, the cost is definitely a major factor to me going or not.

    Traveling From: Arlington, TX
    Arrival Date: Friday, November 16
    Hotel: Not even sure I will get one, but if someone is wanting to split one, I'm open for ideas.(basically anything cheap as possible.)
    Car/Rental Car: Most likely be driving my own car down.
    Race Schedule: All three days, F1 - FP1/FP2/Qual/Race; ALMS - Qual/Race(if possible, I'd really love to go all 3days. But, I may only go to the race and thats it.)
    Track Location: Not sure, Most likely GA, or T11, basically the cheapest possible.
    Planned Activities: No clue, I've been to Austin a few times when I was younger with my dad/family. So I can't say I know any "fun" things to do down there.
    Departure: Most likely, just drive on home after race end.

    So yeah, I'm not 100% guaranteed to be going, but if anyone here is wanting to have a partner to help split cost of things. I think that would be cool, and maybe help bring down the individual price of things.
  3. Ivan Navarro

    Ivan Navarro

    Bump! A little more than a month away now :D

    I've got my tix at T12, woot! Staying in San Marcos at the Embassy Suites.

    Am I the only one from RD going to this race?
  4. Manuel De Samaniego

    Manuel De Samaniego
    3X Race Department Rally Champion

    No, I'm going there too.