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McLaren P1 Chassis 300-319

Skins McLaren P1 Chassis 300-319 1.0

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Great skins, and great job again. I really appreciate your contributions.
My picks of the lot are 309 and 317.
I like the custom material you've used in 309 on the steering wheel and seats, but it appears that the game does not. For whatever reason (in VR) this velvet type material does not react well to direct sunlight, it becomes ultra bright. I thought I'd let you know, but it's still a sweet skin.
The entire cockpit material base is surprisingly finicky and it's been a bit of a struggle. I haven't noticed what you've mentioned since most of my time is dedicated to creating the skins instead of driving but I'll check it out to see if there is a way to minimize that. Thanks a lot for that great info!