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Mclaren Honda Livery w/ Mercedes Chassis

Skins Mclaren Honda Livery w/ Mercedes Chassis 1.1

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Winter-Iceman submitted a new resource:

Mclaren Honda Livery w/ Mercedes Chassis - Mclaren team now uses the W05 chassis with a Honda livery!!!! Tier 1 option.

Hi guys!!
This is my first mod and I am very proud of it!

Its the Mercedes Chassis being used by the McLaren team with a McLaren Honda fantasy livery!
Future updates may include changes to team wear and garage decals.
Also, McLaren are now Tier 1 - You will need a new profile to use the database mod.
Cheers guys! Any improvements are welcome!
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Lesley Buurlage

CEO Northern Lions Esports simracing department
For your first mod it looks very nice, well done :thumbsup: if you could line-up the silver/black sidepod a bit more and some more sponsors this would be the #1 mclaren honda so far imo
The Red Bull chassis will mean that the air box will be mirrored, so on the right side of the car the stickers will be mirrored...
if you put the honda logo where is the renault logo in the redbull skin and and where is the bull you leave clear and instead the Infiniti logo put the Johnnie Walker logo? I don't know, these are only my ideas
I did it but the air box is mirrored, theres an infiniti logo on the wheel, part of the cockpit is purple for unknown reasons, the side pods are patchy. Part of the wing is red for no reason. Also the driver numbers have to be small.
mcrb side.jpg mcrb side pod.jpg
Fantastic! the airbox and the other things like the part of the cockpit and the wing aren't a problem, only if you want be finicky LOL :thumbsup: