McLaren and Mercedes Back Together Again!

McLaren F1 team have announced today that they are returning to a Mercedes power unit, the new deal means that from 2021 Formula One season they will no longer be using a Renault engine.

After the current season, the Renault and McLaren partnership will have one more to run. Zak Brown the Chief Executive for McLaren racing commented “Renault has been instrumental to our Formula 1 recovery plan and a fantastic partner to McLaren Racing. Despite its understandable focus on its factory team, Renault has always been fair, consistent and transparent in our relationship and we thank the whole team at Viry for the excellent service provided to McLaren in F1 over the past two years. Of course, we enter the final year of our relationship in 2020 and are focused on continuing our challenge together of closing the performance gap to the front of the field.”


Cyril Abiteboul, Renault Sport Racing Managing Director added "Since our partnership began, McLaren has gone from ninth to fourth position in the Constructors’ Championship. We can therefore consider this a very successful relationship. However, while looking beyond the terms of the current contract, which concludes at the end of 2020, it was apparent that Renault and McLaren have different ambitions for the future."

On the new partnership Zak Brown said “This agreement is an important step in our long-term plan to return to success in Formula 1. Mercedes is the benchmark, both as a team and a power unit, so it is natural we would seek to secure a relationship with the company for the next phase of our journey. This announcement reflects the confidence of our shareholders and is an important message to our investors, our team, partners and fans that we are committed to returning McLaren to the front of the field.”

Head of Merceded Benz, Toto Wolf added “We are delighted to welcome McLaren back to the Mercedes-Benz racing family with this new power unit supply agreement. Although the two brands share a prestigious history, this new agreement is all about looking to the future and beginning a new era of power unit supply for the years ahead. McLaren have been putting in place the building blocks of their revival over recent seasons, including impressive performances this season with Renault power. We hope that this new long-term agreement marks another milestone for McLaren as they aim to take the fight to the sport’s top teams, including our Mercedes works team."

Since 2014 when the last McLaren and Mercedes partnership ended McLaren have experienced some turbulence out on track, no one will ever forget the outbursts from a certain Fernando Alonso when driving for the team with a Honda engine in the back.

After two seasons with the Japanese outfit, Mclaren and Honda parted way for Renault to step in. Whilst you could argue the team have made a step forward this season, many comment that is probably more to do with the chassis than the power unit.

Today's announcement is an interesting one, will Mercedes remain supplier of engines to Williams and SportPesa Racing Point F1 team? Making a total of three teams on the grid and will Renault try and source another team to supply?

What are your thoughts on today's announcement? Will this decision by McLaren help them to close the one second gap to the top teams?

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Dec 24, 2009
Mr. Seidl apparently means business.

He was the architect behind Porsche's recent WEC triumphs, wasn't he?


Nov 1, 2016
Best news ever as a McLaren fan :)...however, since it seems lately that only the creator of said power units seem to be the ones capable of extracting the most power out of it, I'll just wait and see. Then again, the exception of a great chassis design is a big factor as well (last few years of Red Bull vs. Renault in particular) so who knows. All things considered, both Carlos and Lando have been performing very well when the car works, so hopefully podium finishes will be achievable again with a Merc PU.


Jun 4, 2017
I hope to see McLaren winning their first championship in this current century(i know it's not a realistic hope! but i hope), they were out for so long, please Mercedes engine be good for 2021 :D


May 27, 2013
Some think(at least here in finnish media) that this could mean that MB plan to bring its own F1-team down and quit at some point in the (near, few years?) future and after that just make engines for others.

Koen Verlinde

Sep 12, 2011
Some think(at least here in finnish media) that this could mean that MB plan to bring its own F1-team down and quit at some point in the (near, few years?) future and after that just make engines for others.
Wouldn't be so surprised, Mercedes has little (basically nothing) left to prove and they don't share the emotion wave that Ferrari surfs on.


Nov 1, 2016
Why should we applaud this when McLaren-Honda in the turbo-hybrid version was going to rock big time?
Because that was then and this is now? Because several key personnel have been swapped out since those days? Because you know...being down and out in the past doesn't mean you're forever cursed with that predicament? :whistling:

Just staying with the way things are currently, would be a very good reason not to applaud...but change can't happen unless you actually try to change something.

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FIA is a chashgrabbing Moloch, it won’t get better anyway they stated, kill it with fire!


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Jun 10, 2016
Always wondered why on earth mclaren made that Honda switch in the first place...anyways, back to reality.


Jun 27, 2017
Oh what could have been if they had just stuck with Merc from the start instead of go through the Honda and Renault stage