Maybe an "Amazing" idea to Simbin finally improve Race 07/GTR Evo

Hi to all community!
I'm here asking you all if you are interested in create a facebook page with a petition to Simbin to finally provide an update to Race 07/GTR Evo and all agregated addons.

I think that with e-mails we can not be heard, but maybe with a facebook page and with the help of all the community we can do a last try.

For now, i like to get your feedback and collect all the things you would like to request to Simbin. Improvements, bugs and other things.

At first sight, my suggestions are:

Things i'd like to see in Race 07:
- Real Headlights
- Animated Pit Crew
- Possibility to have races with 24 hours or/and with time scaling
- More tire choices (I have seen some mods with more tires, but don't know if they really work!)

Menus bug:
- In country choice and in classes choice (when more than 9 car models), next and previous button appears simultaneously

Other suggestions:
- a board like in GTR2 that appears lap by lap at the right of the screen (with on/off option).
- after all this years, maybe it's time to Simbin unlock all ID's too.

Finally one thing i also like to see in Race 07:
- With STCC or STCC2 addon you have noticed that a new DriverPicture_xxxxxx.tga replaces the MenuButton_Medium_FlagIcon_xxxxx.tga if exists.
I, personally like the flags in menus, but the DriverPicture file in Talent folder could be used to have a picture of the driver in Driver Info page, like this:


If you like this idea and want to support this, please say something and give your suggestions to collect.

With the strength of all the community, maybe we can get something from Simbin.


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Well, first of all, thanks for putting quite a bit of effort into this post :)

However, I'm afraid that the chances of seeing any of this happen are quite slim. R07 was published no less than seven (!) years ago, with the last commercial addon out 4 years ago (I think FRR was released in 2011?).
The games' prices have dropped so much (several bundles, free GTR:E key last week, etc.) that it likely is not viable anymore to further develop it - especially since the base game is dated in terms of physics and graphics and an overhaul of these factors alone would pretty much mean developing a new game - which they are kind of doing, with R3E.
All of that, in addition with the recent news about SimBin (or whatever they may be called in the future) struggling financially, indicates that the Race07 series is finished - fortunately, (until now) that applies only to the development and not the lobby availability etc.

So, I'd say keep on racing :) And while you're at it, why not join our racing club?

Kenny Paton

I wonder if this would be a goer. Considering the amount of new people who have recently bought these titles in cheap bundles and now play them, there may be a market for these features as paid dlc. Since that seems to be more accepted nowadays, and so many racers have great a love for the older titles of Simbin and would like to support the company that created them. The Race 07 series has been one of the best single player racing games around and the updates suggested would enhance it further.
Their in depth knowledge of the game engine would surely allow them to make the updates quickly and cheaply. Which would generate some income and lengthen the life of the sims.
[...] especially since the base game is dated in terms of physics

What knowledge and data do you have to support this?

Hi to all community!
I'm here asking you all if you are interested in create a facebook page with a petition to Simbin to finally provide an update to Race 07/GTR Evo and all agregated addons.

I think that with e-mails we can not be heard, but maybe with a facebook page and with the help of all the community we can do a last try.

It would be great to have SIMBIN allow a group of modders to revamp Race07 & addons, as there's a lot that can be done - improved physics calibrations, new shaders, new menus, improved AI behaviour, improved AIW's.

However...they are solely focused on their current projects (RRRE and DTME and who knows what else), and diverting attention to Race07 (even with a community/modders based effort) would probably not be favoured much.

That said, they're SIMBIN, their ties to the community are still strong, who knows?

I wish your idea and SIMBIN the best of luck.
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The funny thing about my thread is that i can argue all of requests to Simbin or other one.

1. bugs are bugs and may be repaired.

2. while the game was only Race 07 all the people said that it's not supposed to have night tracks and in turn, there's no need of real headlights because of WTCC, but when they launched Formula Raceroom they added a 7th gear, why they haven't included real headlights with GTR Evolution expansion? There's still no need of real headlights? Real headlights give so much more realism to the game and don't tell me that today still be a problem to actual machines. GTR2 is a older game and they have it real function.

3. Still with GTR Evolution, why not to have a possibility to run as we wan't? 24 hours? let's do it! Why not to had to the game the ability to manage races as we won't? we have rolling start ability or not, and other stuffs, why we can't choose freely the time of the day and how much we won't to race?

4. OK, WTCC cars only have two types of tires, and what about Formula 3000, Formula Raceroom, Formula BMW and Formula Master? Why not add more tires compunds as a possibility?

5. Unlock all ID's it would be a must to all modding community, and surely could atract much more people.

6. at last, all the other things like pitcrew animated, board like GTR2 or other things i wrote it's only supposed to give more fun to the game (since we wan't lost much more time then the AI cars in pits!)

In my opinion, even the game start to be a little older, i think it remains the better game in Simracing, along with GTR2, and with all this corrections or added features it could even excced GTR2.
I don't care if they launch a last official addon with all of that features.
I still buy it!
Give to the community and the community will give back{sales}, but it must be what gamers want.
A RACE07 revamp with some input from Simbin and help from modders would not only make your customers happy, but will act as free advertising as people will be talking about this all over the racing forums across the www.

Chronus's physics enhancements to the Ferrari 458 and Corvette C6R are epic, they're next gen level of physics detail, only Game Stock Car Extreme can compete against it.

I hope Simbin understands that there are people out here with extreme knowledge and they want to help, they want nothing more than to see their favorite racing studio's doing well and will put in the time and effort to make it happen.


who cares
No way Simbin will update the 7 year old Race 07.
But nobody will stop modders from doing it. ("Upgrading and modifying existing game files in the original game is allowed")
I'm still playing it and I think I still am after another 7 years
You may say that Race 07 is older, but the true is that last pack expansion (Race Injection) it's not too old. From 2011 almost 2012.

And also, for me this was the best Simracing with ability to Modding and where the Menus are very well organized, even i think that the menu for classes choice, instead of shrink, could be scrollable or with pages.

I don't care to pay for a last pack expansion with a few more cars and tracks and with all the capabilities that i said above in the beginning.

If all the community think's like you Peter Koch obviously nothing happens!

Bram Hengeveld

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I doubt that "updating" a 7 year old game is economically feasible. Who is going to pay for that eventually?

However the content of the RACE series is already coming back in R3E (plus more).

Rather have them focussing on improving the ffb and physics in R3E than going back in time updating RACE 07.

Updating RACE 07 should be a community effort I think. Why not gather a group of people that has the knowledge to do so?

Bram Hengeveld

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Race Injection was the last "milking pack" imo. Just a bunch of previous expansions (minus STCC 1, why?) wrapped together and sold as yet another expansion..