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Max FPS for GTR-Evo?

Discussion in 'RACE 07 - Official WTCC Game' started by Chad711, Oct 9, 2008.

  1. Chad711


    I recently setup a dual boot to run Vista. I was presently surprised to see an improvement in the game from XP. I didn't think I would see any improvement since my rig is more then enough to run this game with everything maxed out. However it did look smoother in Vista.

    I'm running a Quad Core Q6600 2.4GHz 2GB of memory, HD3870 gpu.

    I fired up Fraps to see what type of FPS I can get. Is this game maxed at 60 FPS? The whole time I was racing the game was a 60 FPS constantly. As a matter of fact it never dropped to 59 or when above 60 the whole time. It was odd because I am so use to seeing it drop or go up depending on the load. So I am curious, can you not get more then 60 FPS in this game?

    I'm no expert on FPS so just wanted to ask about it.
  2. Chris Standring

    Chris Standring

    Sounds like you have V-Sync switched on there, that would cap your fps at your monitors refresh rate.
  3. David Hal

    David Hal

    I've got sometimes framecount of 85.
    The 85 is my max limit of fps, because my refresh rate of my monitor is 85.

    If you turn on Vsync, the max fps count will be same as your refresh rate of your monitor.

    Btw, 59, 60 fps aint bad.
    I've read somewhere, that the human eye is capable of seeing frames till a max count around 30 Frames Per Second.
    After 30 FPS you will not see it anymore as frames, but you will see it as one motion, like a movie.

    Something like that..
  4. Chad711


    You are correct I do have it on. I use my LCD TV for my gaming. It's a 46" Sony LCD model KDL-46XBR3

    My tv should have a better refresh rate then my LCD monitor right? I am going to go home and check the model number on the computer monitor. I just prefer the TV since it's much bigger and the color is much more vivid then the monitor.
  5. Chad711


    ok I'm looking through my manual. Is vertical frequency (Hz) the indication of the FPS, or "refresh rate"?

    States that at 1920 x 1080 that it is 60 so I am assuming that is the max FPS?

    Thank you

    Edit: I looked up my computer monitor too and it has a higher max but at a lower res so guess that is why?
  6. Dave Stephenson

    Dave Stephenson
    Technical Administrator Staff Premium

    old school tube tvs had a refresh rate of around 25fps. so its m uch higher in newer lcd based tvs/monitors.

    because of limitations in the availale bandwidth via different connections to screens you have to reduce the refresh rate.

    ie: 100x100 pixels at 50hz is the same amount of date as 50x50 @ 100hz - half size but twice as fast.

    as for vsync very good if your frame rates dont drop below the refresh rate often as it reduces shearing of onscreen images giving a more realistic and smoother animation thats easy on the eye.
  7. Nico Major

    Nico Major

    Thats the point. If your system is able to provide FPS constantly over or at least equal to your monitor refresh rate you get best results with vsync enabled. If your FPS gets down to 59 the monitor needs a new image, but the video card is not ready yet so it has to display the old image once more -> result ist stutter.
  8. Ryan Callan

    Ryan Callan

    Absolutely right - the human eye, on average, sees 30 frames a second. Sportsmen etc. see in higher FPS (plus the effects of adrenalin) but on average it's 30.

    Ever wonder why birds don't get out of your way till the last moment? They see in 200 FPS :), so everything seems slow to them, compared to us.
  9. Nils Wijk

    Nils Wijk

    Ooh my the fps debate, believe you me to be on the save side the more is better. On v-sync if your fps drops below your refresh rate it is good to have triple buffering enabled so your fps won't drop to half the refresh rate. If you play without v-sync you can get some image tearing but I never notice this during a sim.
  10. Chad711


    Yes I have v sync on and I must say playing this game on my LCD TV w/ Vista it is CLEAN. The track is so smooth. I tested it online with full grid offline and then on Nordschliefe with about 15 people in the room. Never dropped and ran great!

    I'm very happy with my Vista decision