max cars per track

Dec 29, 2006
Too my huge disapointment I found out the other day that not all tracks support the same amount of cars in game. I had hoped that the 49AI I could run at Spa would be present at all endurance tracks. Far from it! Here are the numbers of AI supported on my system (with a warning once you cross the 29 threshold):

Spa 49
Silverstone 35
Zolder 33 !
Paul Ricard 32
Brands Hatch 31
Misano / Nürburg 29
Barcelona / Monza 28
Hungaroring 26
Zandvoort 24

Since the 2018 Spa also supports 49 AI, I guess the numbers are the same, no matter which season you pick. Do you guys get the same results or is it down to one's CPU strength? Has anyone heard whether all endurance tracks will be brought up to the Spa 49 standart (which sounds like a good number for endurance to me)?


Jan 7, 2017
Check the change notes. I think it mentiones, that the max amount of cars corresponds to the number of pit stalls at the respective tracks.
Dec 29, 2006
I think I remember that now. Just weird how the massive long pit straight in Paul Ricard only has 32 stalls programmed. But I have no clue about track design, there might be all sorts of reasons for this. Seems like Zolder is sort of maxed out ;)