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Math is hard... Timezone Automation?

Discussion in 'Site Feedback & Support' started by Russell Sobie, May 23, 2015.

  1. Russell Sobie

    Russell Sobie

    This is probably a good bit of work, but might be an interesting challenge for web coder gurus, and could potentially be really useful for event coordinators and racers alike.

    Have a feature that allows a post author to input a local time in a format that, when viewed by someone in a different timezone, the reader's timezone is used to calculate what the time would be local.

    There's probably a cooler way to type this, but I was thinking the format would be something like this example:

    Say I want to post a race that will take place at 7pm Central Standard Time. When I post this info in my thread, I'd type something like:


    And then when I hit "create thread" or "post reply" or whatever, my local timezone (which is set in my account information, or is simply grabbed from the location of my IP or similar) is used to put that tagged entry into a format that would then automatically show readers from all over the world what that time would be locally to them, complete with GMT, or CST, or EDT, or whatever next to it to let the reader know that the REALLY HARD MATH has been done for them automagically.

    I would imagine if someone quoted the text, it would need to handle it such that while quoted, it retains the time of the original poster, and not the quoter.

    Anyway, just a crazy idea.
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