Massive task - Still in Planning...



Ok, I have decided (mostly for my own enjoyment) to take on a massive task.

I want to recreate at least some (if not all) of the stages of the Mille Miglia.

I have gathered a collection of media (including almost all of the route maps for each different route) and will be making it up using a mixture of these. However, there will still be a large amount of "estimation" involved, as naturally I never took part in any of actual races.

I will be trying to retro-build what the route(s) look like today so that they can at least 'feel' like a 1930s race event. I'll update this as I can...



It would a very impressive work if you go up with it and finish it!

We are patient, so take your time and just do an impressive track ;)


Probably best to plan & construct it as stages, Racer still has some trouble with tracks longer than 10km, let alone most of Italy :p I look forward to progress with interest.


Wow, very ambitious project.
Good luck, all 1500 km.
Hope you don't lose interest halfway :)
Like Stereo said; best to cut the project in stages.

Racer still has some trouble with tracks longer than 10km
Haven't encountered this problem yet.
What trouble are you refering to?


Haven't encountered this problem yet.
What trouble are you refering to?
The earlier versions with Newton physics won't do collisions past 10km from origin (due to hardcoded boundaries afaik), also the floating point coordinates get a little shaky farther out since the numbers are farther apart. A closed loop could get longer but Polish Roads for example runs into some problems with certain versions.


Brilliant Project, awesome idea and probably much work but at least as much fun in the end as well.
Always remember to backup files, during the past months I read about so many 3d projects that were canceled because of lost data.
I hope this will turn out well, looking forward to your progress. And as Splashonda said we are very patient cause we are used to... take your time.


A short review

Wow what a project, I'd need to take the day off work or use up the weekend to cover this one, and by the looks of the following youtube links this track is going to need a few more classic cars ( nudge nudge wink wink ) have a squize (look) at the following videos to get an idea of what we are in for .. I'll certianly look forward to screeming through the streets of Italy when it's done or each stage.
And this race still goes on
3 May 2010 ... The 83rd edition of the most beautiful and striking race in the world is ready to start once again: the Mille Miglia!
here's the links to a batch of videos about this fabulous race just to get started

part 1
part 2
part 3
part 4
part 5
part 6
part 7
part 8
part 9
part 10

for a big track like this I think it would be best to make up some colour ( color = American spelling) swatches for the buildings and so on, so that not too many colours arrive in the track and hog the frame rate .. just a thought mind you I've NO evidence to back that up
but have noticed that the colours/textures are limited without making too much repetition in other tracks/games/sims of this proportion.



Just some info I found with Google.
link to info:

Open the 2010 dropdown menu on the left side and click on the "route", then in the middle there is a "google earth link".
There is a file "Mille_Miglia_2010.kmz" that will dowmload as "Mille_Miglia_2010.txt". Save it to your "Google Earth" folder in your "Documents and Settings/Application Data/Google/Google earth" folder and rename the extension from .txt to .kmz.
Open Google earth and load it into google earth and you will get the location of the route.

Use the route dropdown box to select a town desired and there is a .pdf file available that showns a map of the route.

Setting up the entire Mille Miglia in stages sounds like the right way to go. Perhaps others would be willing to take on a stage to make which would make the whole operation easier for you.

Mr Whippy

Have Google done a street-view of it yet?

That would be a handy resource :D

1500km is HUGE, good luck with it. Personally I'd say to look to do a truncated route, or do some research and find a section you really like the look or history of, and then recreate it.

I'm sure there are parts of it that are a bit boring, and others that are truly magnificent, that really would be worth recreating digitially :D



After watching the rally as it's shown in the threads I posted, I noticed that it's now run in three stages stopping for a meal and sleep after each stage, sounds like a good idea although being able to drive the whole track all at once seems neat I for one would love to get any part of it to test ride.
of course as you all know I've not done any designing myself yet after being here for a number of years just added to what there is already.
with little add-ons like repairing sounds, wheel key additions and some track repairs.
most of my additions have bee lost with the loss of RSC so that's a pity it's all gone but will endeavour to re-introduce my efforts on my own web page this year so everyone can benefit from them again, as I usually make a copy of all that I write on the internet to a file on my computer as well just in case wheWw ...
Dude! All cred to you if you make this track :)
Would come in handy though if the community could contribute with some small additions like for example trees, houses etc?
Would definietly been helpful for me when i started my City Track, instead of me giving up on it, big tracks can get really big real fast :)
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