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Who will win the Formula One US Grand Prix?

  • Verstappen

    Votes: 567 50.9%
  • Hamilton

    Votes: 322 28.9%
  • Bottas

    Votes: 55 4.9%
  • Norris

    Votes: 56 5.0%
  • Pérez

    Votes: 42 3.8%
  • Sainz

    Votes: 11 1.0%
  • Leclerc

    Votes: 26 2.3%
  • Ricciardo

    Votes: 16 1.4%
  • Somebody else

    Votes: 20 1.8%

Massive deadzone with CSR Elite Pedals

Apologies if this has been mentioned before, but I`m getting a deadzone of around 50% with my CSR Elite pedals. I have a G27 wheel.
I`ve set up the pedals using the wizard, but to no avail.
The pedals work perfectly well in R3E.
Can the deadzone be adjusted?
Thanks all
I had the same problem when I switched from my DFGT pedals to the CSR Elites. R3E seems to 'remember' the min/max values of the Logitech pedals. You have to stop the game and manually delete your configuration file(s) for your hardware. After deleting the config file and setting it up again in R3E all is fine now with my CSR pedals, no deadzone anymore.
I`ve just discovered that this is a problem with the pedals, not the game. The dead zone is nearer 85%, so I have only have a few cm travel when it kicks in, making them worse than my old DFGT pedals. And I was just getting used to the brake as well.
I`ve sent a report off to Fanatec, and I suppose it`ll mean returning the pedals.
Not good when they`re only a few weeks old.:(
So the deadzone is visible in Windows' game controller control panel as well?
Is the potentiometer turning when you press the pedal, as shown the video on this page?
Thanks, I looked at that, but that`s not the problem. I phoned Fanatec`s support line and they told me to upload a video of the action using their software; eventually they got back and said I had to send the pedals back. So I guess it needs a new potentiometer. At least I have the G27 pedals to use in the meantime, but it`s still a pain.
How do you have your CSR pedals installed? To the G27 or via a USB connection? Bitrate might be your problem, in that case always trust USB connections as they have much higher data transfer rates and offer superior bit performance. No deadzone problems with my set. Also, check the travel levels of the pedals in the Fanatec profiler and game app...I have to occasionally adjust my pedals as they calibrate with some deadzone for no reason, resulting in pedals that give false readings as to the level of potentiometer depression.