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Marcus Ericsson joins Sauber for 2015

Discussion in 'Formula 1' started by Jordan Wilkins, Nov 3, 2014.

  1. Jordan Wilkins

    Jordan Wilkins

    Sauber F1.jpg
    After a devastating week for Caterham's Swedish rookie Marcus Ericsson in which saw the Caterham team go into administration, he has now rescued his situation as he was announced on Saturday to have signed with the Sauber team for the 2015 season.

    Although Ericsson's agent had previously stated in the weeks leading up to this announcement that they were talking to a number of teams including Sauber, the news was still somewhat of a shock in the paddock considering the amount of drivers Sauber currently have on their roster. With only one seat now left on the race team current driver Adrian Sutil claims to have a contract in place for next year whilst current driver and test driver Esteban Gutierrez and Geido Van Der Garde offering substantial sponsorship packages from Mexico and Holland respectively.

    Whilst the future seems uncertain for those three driver Marcus Ericsson can be pleased he's confirmed his plans for next year, which he will hope will be an improvement on a difficult rookie campaign in a very tricky Caterham car, although he had shown some signs of improvement in the previous few races before Caterham went into administration.

    Ericsson is quoted as saying on the announcement "Fresh from a very turbulent week, I was suddenly given my best early Christmas present ever, The Sauber F1 Team has put its trust in me for 2015, and it makes me proud, as Sauber is known to be one of the best teams in developing young drivers. It will be a great challenge. I will give my very best to develop both as a driver, and to be part of the challenge to put the Sauber F1 Team back closer to the front where it belongs."

    Sauber team principal Monisha Kaltenborn stated " We have got to know Marcus as a highly motivated driver, He did not have an easy rookie season this year in Formula 1, however, he kept calm and improved continuously, mainly in the last races. We are convinced that signing Marcus can give the team a fresh impetus."

    Kaltenborn has also refuted accusations Ericsson was chosen purely on the amount on sponsorship he can bring Sauber. She stated to Crash.net that whilst financial considerations were a factor their were other factors behind his signing "We have to be open about it because I think if you look at the situation today in Formula One for private teams you have to consider these kind of arguments when you make a decision. If it is now good or bad, let's leave that aside. The fact is that we did consider that as well, however he is not the only driver who has this kind of support so there's nothing negative about it."

    Whilst it definitely seemed his Swedish sponsorship sweetened the deal, Sauber have clearly also chosen Marcus Ericsson based on his potential for next year, although they also felt the same about Esteban Gutierrez going into this season and he has so far failed to significantly improve from his rookie year. The fight for the sole remaining Sauber seat next year should be very interesting, with several strong drivers in contention to partner Ericsson next year. What are your thoughts on this announcement from Sauber?
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  2. Pi_2R_0


    I repeat - I'm sorry - what I said in your last article, I quote:

    Ericsson won only 3 races during 4 seasons on GP2, Kobayashi was and is better than him. Luckly he has lot of money. Thanks you the sponsors !
    By the way, Sauber needs money to stay in F1.

    I hope. So, he has to work hard and show us, finally, that he has talent. If Sutil stays, the life for Marcus won't be easy.

    Good luck for the next season.
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