Map loading sceen

Hi i have searched for this, pretty sure some of you will say go here but any way here goes.

As Rfactor 2 loads the map and your waiting to race the screen that shows up some times its a map some times its something else. Well can I find this file to edit..... Any help would be great.



The maps (loading screens) are done by whoever made each track, so official tracks have the loading screen, but you will find many modded tracks which have something else. You have to pull the data out of the track package to edit it.

On the other hand, when S397 releases the new UI, they have said the track loading screens will no longer be used. Release of the UI was announced as being next month.
There will most likely still be some sort of track loading screen, but it won't be a pre-painted stand-alone screen created by the track builder. However, we don't know how older tracks WITH the track loading screens will be treated.
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