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    Hey guys , ive been driving auto gears on f1 2013 ps3 everytime , now i thought if i could start playing on manual with my controller cuz in some corners in auto wheel spin wil happen on 1 st gear and i dont want tyres to die fast. I never drove manual , can you give me some tips, The most problem i am thinking is when to shift down for a corner. Cuz i would like to turn every corner if possible with the 2nd gear so rears wont cook up. :)
  2. Karl Fuss

    Karl Fuss

    Get lots of practice. It will help if you can count the gears as you go down. One of the issues i had when i was learning manual gears was downshifting too fast and losing track of which gear i was in. I wound up in N or R sometimes which is no fun.
    Try to be rhythmic with the down shifting, and count the gears. If you are approaching a corner in 6th and need to be in 3rd for it obviously you downshift 3 times. Don't bother counting up the gears as well because it can become too complicated. Just glance at what gear you are in before you start braking and downshifting.
    Up shifting becomes second nature, just listen to the engine and up shift before the limit.
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  3. jarv


    I recently opted for manual gears and I'm enjoying the game so much more.
    Practice is definitely key, and the tip with rhythmic downshifts in braking zones is very good advice, i tended to downshift way too quick. You will pop it in neutral a lot :p but dont let it put you off, welcome to manual land :D
    also watching laps on youtube helps knowing what gears for what corners you need
  4. harsharip


    Practice Practice Practice Practice.I was playing with PS3 controller in 2012 and I learned manual gears in the controller only.Manual gears give U good controller in low speed corners.And gives greater control of the car.
    Well the only way to learn is to count during downshifting.And as you learn it,it will your 2nd nature and you will downshift with out much of an attention.

    Now i MOVED TO g27 and its amazing.;):inlove::thumbsup::D
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  5. williamho


    is there anyone who uses manual gear on keyboard
  6. ice_kimi


    i shift manually with engine motor sound
    it helps you to reach the right gear to shift at the right time
    keep it mind it could change gears shift depending of race and car condition
    qualifying, to need to shift at the rev limit, in race you could shift sightly earlier or later depending of your strategy
    if you shift 1 and 2 quickly to 3, it can help you for avoiding spinwheel but you r going to lose time from that way
    i started directly from manual gears and less aids as possible (remove traction control if you manual shift, it much funnier and realistic)