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  1. Mortenzoni24


    Good weekend to you all!

    I've been playing a bunch of managerial career lately and since the last patch for motogp 17 I've experienced some issues.

    Issue number 1:
    My teammate that rides in the very same class as I do (the motogp) sometimes finishes the race in a certain position, let's say 3rd after me. Almost every time he finish behind me like this the game will consider him as crashed and when the race report shows up after the race it says he finished way down in 18th or something. This is rather frustrating. Is there any way to fix this?

    Issue number 2 (pretty much the same):
    When I've finished a race weekend and I get to the race reports screen where I can see all my other riders results it will half of the time say my riders crashed. For example; I have my moto 3 lineup and they have a very high skill lvl (around 80 on all stats for the both of the riders and 100% on moto3) and still the game will say they crash 10/20 races.

    Both these issues make it pretty much impossible for my team to win any titles. Last season my top moto2 rider won about 8 races and crashed every single other race apart from his victories and ended up 5th or something in the championship. Something feels out of place.

    Anyone have any idea of how I might fix this? Thank you very much!