Managemnt Change & Driver Opportunities

Dale Carrick has decided to step down from his current position within Ash Racing to focus on external commitments and real life. This intern has put myself, Nick Rowland, in to a temporary Team Management position with Lee Morris helping me.

I respect Dale’s decision to step down as time is not something he has a great deal of at the moment and I hope to try and help him while he’s away.

From this announcement I would like to also mention that we are looking for new drivers and new talent.

World Championship is currently occupied by Lee Morris and Samuel Libeert so all drivers that wish to join Ash Racing will join a wealth of experience and knowledge from both of the WC drivers and hopefully they can assist you on your pathway in Formula 1 and the Sim-Racing Community.

World Series and World Trophy are where the seats are available. We have 2 vacancies (possible 3) in World Trophy and 3 vacancies in World Series. WS may increase to 4 as I am having not a lot of enjoyment or pleasure with the 2010 mod whatsoever.

As most teams will say they will want commitment from you, but in Ash we also want development. Not just for us as a team but for you… you as a driver pushing forwards and climbing up the FSR ladder. Whether that be from WT to WS or WS or WC. You never know you may ever make the jump from WT and WC. It’s not totally unheard of in FSR. While we not be the best team or the most money on the grid in FSR we will try our very best to help you!

So in closing, the seats are open to all and especially with the Race Department community we will be willing to give the opportunity and open assistance in helping progress.

Please visit us and our forums at:


Nick Rowland & Ash Racing.
how if the driver doesn t have sponsors? for example me, i am looking for sponsors but nothing till now.. im just waiting for any opportunity beyond my country.
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