MAN TGX Euro 6 Added to European Truck Simulator 2

SCS Software have released new updates to both ETS 2 and American Truck Simulator, adding new content, fixes and the MAN TGX Euro 6 truck!

The new update, 1.34 for both versions of the simulation, dropped recently for American and European Truck Simulator 2, and although described by SCS Software as only minor in size as they prepare for the next big build release, they do contain some nice new fixes and of course new content - for ETS 2 fans the MAN TGX Euro 6, and for American Truck Simulator some improvements as well as the refreshing of the Tonopah city region within the sim.

ETS 2 MAN TXG Update 1.jpg

Although a very welcome piece of news that the new MAN truck undoubtedly is, it is a shame to see that the model introduced to the simulation is an older version of the series - the Efficient Line 2. Although an older generation, SCS Software have confirmed that despite the difficulties they experienced in sourcing the reference material, plans are afoot to bring the more modern Line 3 model to the title in future months.

The road to implementing the new truck into ETS2 was actually very bumpy. Work on this model started several years ago based on limited references we had for the Efficient Line 2 edition. We aimed to release it with all chassis variants but spent over a year chasing various leads and sources to get them right. We are excited to have finally completed it now after obtaining important missing reference blueprints. In the future, it will be complemented by an up to date current production model, The Efficient Line 3.

ETS 2 MAN TXG Update 2.jpg

As for American Truck Simulator, although no new trucks are coming with this latest build, players now have the option to purchase their own logging trailers for the very first time - opening up more playability options to gamers located in the Oregon and soon to be released Washington areas, where logging is an important industry within the region.

ATS receives one of the highly demanded additions to the game - buyable log trailers! Our traffic report sources for Oregon shows a large convoy inbound for the wood transport companies, with a high chance of traffic jams on the forest roads, so be careful out there. As an alternative route, we can recommend OR-140, which is now prolonged all the way to Nevada. And if you're still worried about driving in Oregon, we recommend visiting a Tonopah city, which has been completely refreshed.


ATS only:
ETS2 only:
  • As with any update, due to the changes, a number of mods may need some work to catch up!

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Koen Verlinde

Sep 12, 2011
Good good, still not giving up my Scania R730 though.