Malaysia: Patrick's blistering start not enough to score

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    On April 24th, the FSR World Championship's Malaysian GP was suspended on lap 23 due to server connection issues.

    In the rescheduled Sepang race, Patrick De Wit made a superb start, climbing 6 places throughout the opening lap, but was unable to retain his point-scoring position after struggling for car balance.

    Patrick De Wit was unable to repeat the performance of the original Sepang Qualifying in the Q1 session, where he set the 15th fastest time. Team mate Ernesto De Angelis qualified 18th. Patrick made a thrilling start, overtaking a couple of cars in the first corner, later passing both Tali and Foht through the outside of the high-speed S corner and making a move on both Poniatowski and Saxen before the back straight.

    However, despite climbing to 9th place by the end of the opening lap, he struggled for car balance and lost his point-scoring position, despite a few hard wheel-to-wheel battles and a very nice move on Parisis through the outside. Patrick finished the race in 13th place. Ernesto, meanwhile, underprepared after struggling with a tough flu all week and still carrying some side effects, was doing a solid job before losing control of his FTS-P11 and ending his race against the barrier.

    Patrick De Wit (13th): "Qualifying was as expected, only 15th, around 0.550s from pole lap. Race: great opening lap, went from 15th to 9th. On lap 1, I passed two cars in one corner twice during the lap, it must be some kind of record! But I could not defend and dropped back slowly. I tried to defend as hard as I could. In the end, 13th, not the position I wanted after such a great opening lap. Well, on to Spain!"

    Ernesto De Angelis (DNF): " I will not go down into details, I simply wasn't in conditions to race, actually. I had a much better pace but I couldn't focus at all. I will need time to be back in a good shape, I need to be patient but it's not an easy moment for sure."

    Faster Than Speed will now be looking forward to the Spanish GP, to be raced this weekend at the Circuit de Catalunya. Follow us on Facebook and Twitter for the latest news from Malaysia, and stay tuned for the race's Live Broadcasts here!

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