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  1. Jim Cassi

    Jim Cassi

    I noticed that all well made tracks have a edge around the track to transition from track to grass.
    who is this added.? is this done before adding the terrain or after.?
    i'm guessing that 1st you would make a very short track edge using the terrain,
    save it, then go back and redo the add terrain again, but making it full size.
    renaming the track edge gmt's, and material name before adding to the final project.?
    i would like to add a edge around my existing build

    Thanks for any info.
  2. R Soul

    R Soul

    For Pinevale I did this:
    1st terrain distance 0.4, then others at 5, 10 or whatever is needed.​
    For the inner panels, I set the blend material to a dirt material I made. The exact percentage was then set to 0.​

    I then used the blending tool to drag down the middle of the track, with a strength of well over 100 to speed up the process.​

    I think I redid the terrain a few times, but it wasn't that hard. Just remember you only need to delete the triangles that connect with the track, not the whole terrain section.​

    Not every game supports blending. Another option is to extend your track's cross section, and add a material where the transition is drawn onto the diffuse map. Intersections are a little harder to deal with.

    The third way is to make a texture which has transparency, and apply it to a wall that sits above the edge of the track. 4 cm is needed to prevent flickering.
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